Lots of updates!

April 6, 2013

A few days after our last blog we took both Ruby and Ruby Too to the vet clinic for their first ultrasounds.  Ruby had come in (second cycle) and Ruby Too hasn't shown us anything (doesn't typically show) so thought we would just see where we were at.  Ruby had a 43mm follicle and Ruby Too had a 50mm.  So of course, we couldn't be that lucky to breed both girls at the same time so we called and had Benidetto collected and bred her on Saturday.  Fabregas (Ruby Too's stallion) was at a big expo doing demos so couldn't be collected.  The owners were willing to try and get some frozen shipped to me if I wanted but told them we could just wait for the next cycle since we now had a starting point and that was very last minute.  So, we will find out soon if Ruby took (fingers crossed!!) and breed Ruby Too on her next cycle.  

Pictured above is Bon Voyage APT our Bonheur (Brentano II-Roncalli xx) X Ruby colt from last year.  He is now 1 year old and think he is really growing up well and is such a good boy!  Yes, he is a prince and has his feed bowl held for him since he prefers to dump it over.  They grow up so fast! 

The lessons with Whit Watkins last week were excellent!!  She was very impressed with how Billie Jean has come along in her training since she saw her last.  We love that young mare!  She is very talented and is for sale! Patrick got some really good help with some of the movements from the Grand Prix test with Glenda and as with all of Whit's lessons learned a ton!  

About two months ago a training horse, Spinnaker (pictured left) had colic surgery to fix an nephrosplenic entrapment due to the abrupt weather change and gas build up.  He recovered beautifully and just got the all clear to start back in light work!  Spin will be very happy to have a job again.  

We are very thankful for the rain we did get this week but it was a lot less than most.  We only got just under 3/4" when many other people received 2-3".  But, every little bit helps.  

We have the equine dentist coming Monday to do several horses.  We use Dr. Neiderman who is excellent if anyone is looking for a good one.  She is a DVM who only does dental work and she comes with her own stocks (special trailer she hauls behind her truck) which is really cool.  

Well off to finish up my taxes and all that fun stuff.. BLAH!  But, will be happy when that is all done.