I thought it was spring!

March 25, 2013

Have to say for a Monday, everything went pretty well today.  Of course, that's besides the freezing weather this morning... BRRR!  Hopefully I don't jinx myself now as the day is definitely not entirely over yet.  

We were so proud of training horse Duncan today.  Duncan (pictured left) is a Spanish Norman gelding who came here to be started as he had been pretty reactive to movement above him and around him. Today, Duncan walked around with Patrick up there and did really, really well.  He is a sweetie and hopefully soon we can announce that he is w/t/c! 

Tomorrow we will be taking Glenda and Billie Jean around the corner to Concordia Dressage to have some lessons with Whit Watkins before the Bluebonnet show.  Everything is really starting to click with Glenda and she is getting really good piaffe and passage work.  This will be a good test run to see how all of that differs at a new facility with the tension of being away from home.  

I will be setting up the jump chute again this week to get some video of a few of the horses through it for someone looking for an eventer.  So, I will post those videos here on the website as well when I have those done.  I will make sure to take some pictures/vid of Ares as well since I have yet to post some of him and he is a super jumper! 

That's all for now!  Brace yourselves for another chilly night!