Breaking in the blog!

March 22, 2013

I am going to work on figuring this program all out and learn all the little tricks along the way! I hope to get a lot of interaction with all of you via comments in response to these blogs.. it is the only way I will know y'all are checking in on it.  It will also motivate me to do this regularly.

First off, how many of you are going to the Bluebonnet Classic at Silver Hills next month?  What did you enter in and what are your goals?  We are very excited that Patrick and Glenda will be debuting at Grand Prix on that Sunday.  It will be the first time at that level for both of them so we expect some bobbles as they get their feet wet.  She will do the I-2 on Saturday which she has done once before. Billie Jean will be getting qualifying scores for Training and First Level and this will be her warmup show before she attempts the 4 Year Old Test to try and qualify for Young Horse National Championships.  I am also glad to say I will be showing Dante an Andalusian gelding owned by Teresa who is kindly letting me show him in Training Level since she has prior commitments that weekend.  It will be Dante's first recognized dressage show so should be a lot of fun!

I am excited to announce that we have our breedings for our two mares confirmed.  We will be breeding Ruba Mai Ye "Ruby" (Rousseau-Dinard L-Rubinstein I) to Benidetto (Belissimo M-Cordoba) who is doing very well in I-1 right now.  This should be a beautiful, modern foal and Ruby has crossed beautifully with the "B" line twice already.  Our other mare Des Chappelles "Ruby Too" (Dacaprio-Matcho AA) will be bred to Fabregas (Florencio-De Niro).  We will most likely be making them available in-utero when they are confirmed in foal so keep your eyes on the sales page :)  Who has foals coming this year?  Who did you choose to breed to?  Lets see those foals!  This is the first year in 10 years I have no mares to foal out so I am very sad :(  So I need my fix!!

Some of you might get a kick out of this and others might think we are a little redneck!  We have been meaning to take our 3 year old, Confetti (Contucci-Dacaprio) over to Royal Equus to begin starting her.  I got antsy so started tacking her up and lunging her here at the house.  For those who don't know we lease a property with house and 11 acres and just have most of our personal horses here at home in the pasture.  So anyways, she has been a perfect angel for everything- saddle, bridle, boots, lunging in open spaces with no walls, etc.  So I told Patrick he needed to lean on her the other day. Of course we are looking all over for something tall enough for him to get up there with and all we could come up with was a small utility bucket.  Of course the bucket is cracked so he's standing on this rickety bucket with a 3 year old who has only worn a saddle maybe 4 times, while it's creaking as he stands on it.  Confetti looks like she is just going to sleep standing there.. so he goes to start laying over her back.  Of course, the bucket isn't tall enough so he sorta has to jump and plop on to her back (which we would NOT normally do with any other youngster!) and she's just standing there and looks around to the side and says hi to Patrick up there and goes back to sleep.  We continue to then walk around the yard with him up there and end with that.  We can't get over how chill this girl is.  She will make someone a very happy owner!! 

So, I guess I will end there for today.  I have posted a picture (or attempted to) of little Renata (Romancero-Dacaprio) greeting me as we pulled in this afternoon saying "FEED ME" lol.  She is another sweet little girl.  Also, check out the Flickr stream on the right hand side.. I will try to post pictures throughout our day- they will just be snapshots nothing fancy :)  but, shows you our day to day dealings with all the horses :)