I will be attempting to update everyone on everything that is happening with us and our horses!  Of course, with the help of Patrick.. So, check back often!

Lots of changes for 2015!

January 22, 2015

The new year has brought a lot of new changes for us.  In a little more than a week we will be moving to NE Ohio to be closer to friends, family, and lower horse costs (HELLO $4 bales of hay!!!).  We feel that with how everything is falling in to place that this was meant to be.  We will miss all of our friends, clients, and TX greatly. The comeraderie at the shows and horse community here was amazing.  Everyone is so willing to help and support each other no matter if they are fellow trai...

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Lots of updates!

April 6, 2013

A few days after our last blog we took both Ruby and Ruby Too to the vet clinic for their first ultrasounds.  Ruby had come in (second cycle) and Ruby Too hasn't shown us anything (doesn't typically show) so thought we would just see where we were at.  Ruby had a 43mm follicle and Ruby Too had a 50mm.  So of course, we couldn't be that lucky to breed both girls at the same time so we called and had Benidetto collected and bred her on Saturday.  Fabregas (Ruby Too's stallion) was at a big ex...

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I thought it was spring!

March 25, 2013

Have to say for a Monday, everything went pretty well today.  Of course, that's besides the freezing weather this morning... BRRR!  Hopefully I don't jinx myself now as the day is definitely not entirely over yet.   We were so proud of training horse Duncan today.  Duncan (pictured left) is a Spanish Norman gelding who came here to be started as he had been pretty reactive to movement above him and around him. Today, Duncan walked around with Patrick up there and did really, really well. ...

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Breaking in the blog!

March 22, 2013

I am going to work on figuring this program all out and learn all the little tricks along the way! I hope to get a lot of interaction with all of you via comments in response to these blogs.. it is the only way I will know y'all are checking in on it.  It will also motivate me to do this regularly. First off, how many of you are going to the Bluebonnet Classic at Silver Hills next month?  What did you enter in and what are your goals?  We are very excited that Patrick and Glenda will be debu...

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